Meet the Coaches 

Sue Feeney

PCA Level 1/ RDA/HSA

Sue has a lifetime of experience in the horse industry stemming from a beginning in pony club in Victoria as a child, working in the industry in both Australia and Europe, with a particular focus on dressage.

Michelle Nickson

PCA Level 1 MG

Michelle is a level 1 accredited PCA coach and Mounted Games Specialist, with many years experience particularly in the racing industry.  Michelle likes teaching active riding and the best way to learn well is to have fun.

Kimbalee Gibson

Kim has been involved horses and riding all her life at an elite level.  Specializing in show riding and having a passion for Arabian horses as well as enjoying the western and active riding components of the show circuit.  Kim brings a lifetime of experience as a coach to our team

Clare Feeney

PCA Introductory 

Clare is our young coach who is out there doing it now!  Currently competing her lovely Irish Sport horse Icarus Oliver at a 1star level eventing and enjoys imparting her experience to younger riders.  Clare enjoys coaching jumping and games.

Meet the ERDA Committee

Sue Feeney

President and Head Coach

Sue holds a Diploma in Horse Management and a Bachelor of Behavioral Studies, with a long association with the horse industry in many fields and a history in preschool teaching.  Sue is also a fully qualified coach with RDANSW, PCA and HSA

Amanda Cassidy


Amanda is our awesome secretary and person who does everything!  

She is a friendly face at riding every week and coordinates most of our fund raising initiatves

Peter and Anne Cormick

Grants Coordinator

Peter and Anne Cormick have been actively working as our grants coordinator this year.  Current projects include the development of the  lunch room and tack room, leveling of the out door arena, removal of dangerous trees and development of a carriage driving track.  



ERDA is currently seeking a treasurer.  If you have financial skills and are prepared to donate a couple of hours a fortnight please contact us


Volunteer Coordinator

We need someone to cordinate volunteers who all have individual skills and areas of expertise.  You will need 2-3 hours per week to do this job.  No horse experience is needed.


Fund Raising /Grants Manager

ERDA relies solely on the funds we get through grants and donations to exist.  Many grants are missed simply because of timing.  We need someone to manage our grants applications and make sure that ERDA is all that it can be.  You will need good computer and literary skills and about 4-5 hours a week.