An informal update of whats going on at Ellesmere ERDA

Rider Fall Clinic

2/3 Oct  2018

Lyndsay Nylund gave our riders some essential insights on how to manage a fall and how to protect themselves when the inevitable does happen.  This is a clinic no one should miss.

RDA State Dressage and Gymkhana

July 27th 2018

ERDA riders Caitlin, Catherine and Alison will be representing us atthe State Dressage and Gymkhana at SIEC in August.  The riders will all do 4 tests, (2 straight dressage tests, a prix caprilli and a freestyle test to music that they have designed themselves!  That is a lot of dressage!  Then they will participate in the show jumping and Trec competitions as well.  All the girls have been training very  hard and we are sure they are going to do well and have a lot of fun doing it!

July  School Holidays

JUly 12, 2018

July School Holidays saw full and half day riding for riders of all levels.  We did all the horsey stuff, some games and jumping, trail rides and the highlight was the clinic with Alicia Bourke.  The riders all learnt to think out side of their comfort zone and came away very pleased with their achievements.  

An informal update of whats going on at Ellesmere ERDA

Easter Activities

Easter at Ellesmere means Carrots!!!! And the horses cant wait!

RDA Video Musical Rides

December 2018

ERDA riders Caitlin, Catherine, Kylie and Alison were ecstatic to hear their musical drill ride had won first place in the NSW Open category.  The girls performed a ride to the Toni Basil song 'Micky and added their own hand made cheerleaders costumes.

Mikaela, Peter and Nicole entered a retelling of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff and placed 2nd in the Led section which they were very proud of.  

Carolyn James Dressage Clinic

February, 2019

Awesome weekend of lessons here with Carolyn James. A fantastic coach who picked up on lots of issues and offered a wealth of knowledge for all the riders.  Cant wait to get Carolyn back for more!