Senior Architect

At 25 years old Montana is still the comedian of the stable!  He is a pure bred arabian and was a successful show and pony club horse in his younger days.  He is the perfect gentleman for younger riders being sensitive and responsive but can also be a good games and jumping horse for the more advanced riders, - but always with an opinion of his own!.  



Caspar is the little white ghost that came to us with no history and a nasty injury to his leg.  We have been lucky to find his story which includes a lifetime of pony club and mounted games and with his injury now completely healed, he has turned out to be a lovely pony who takes looking after his riders very seriously.  He is not too forward and not too slow.  However he is a grey pony and does NOT like to be brushed!, .



Jag is a 20 year old Arabian Riding pony who belongs to Gerogia Croker.  Jag has years of experience in pony club, junior eventing, mounted games and show riding.  There is not much Jag can not do!  Coupled with his lovely kind nature he is as close to perfect as ponies get!


Senior Architect

Snowy is a white Shetland Pony who  has lots of experience in pony club and with beginner riders and is beautiful honest pony who makes us all laugh and gives the most nervous little riders the confidence they need.  He is just so cute!

Snowy is provided by Dianne White of Nelligen


Senior Strategist

Mitzi was where EERDA all began.  Sadly we lost our beautiful palomino this year at the grand old age of 38.  Mitz was a friend, teacher and confidant to many and will never be forgotten.  Fly high gorgeous girl - on golden wings.  


Harry is our Super Star!  Harry started his career in the opening parade of the Sydney Olympics and now at 24 he won RDA horse of the year at Sydney Royal in 2018! He is a 16 hand dark brown stock horse and has the most beautiful patient attitude anyone could want.  Slow and Steady wins the race as far as Harry is concerned and he looks after some of our most challenging riders. 


What's his name?  belongs to Michelle Croaker.   He is a gorgeous bay thoroughbred who loves people and loves to jump.  For our more experienced riders, Whatsy is a forward horse that offers a challenge above the beginner level, yet is soft and honest and will give everything his best hoof.