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How Can You Help?

The smile that riding a horse puts on the face of someone living with a disability, and the sense of achievement and self esteem gained is priceless!  But horses are not cheap - It costs approximately $3000 a year to keep each horse fit and ready for lessons every day.  ERDA runs 100% on donations and the fund raising efforts of our volunteers.  You can help put that smile on someones face today

Sponsor a pony

This is the number one way you can help!  Our RDA horses provide a very special service and they all take their work very seriously.  We need to appreciate them too.   It costs $50 per week to provide the correct feed and supplements the horses need, keep their feet in good order and provide routine dental care and drench.    Each horse provides benefits to many riders each week.  Sponsors receive a framed photo of their horse and of course monthly tax receipts.  

Sponsorship is  easy! Our online platform provides an option to make a regular monthly gift to ERDA. You simply set up an account, nominate the amount and that’s it! Gifts are then deducted from your account or credit card and you’ll receive a tax receipt with each gift so you can claim your donations on your annual tax return.  Click on the 'Give Now' button above.

Our Wish List

The current list of things needed at ERDA includes:

  1. An automatic gate opener so that our carers and support people don't have to leave others in the car while they get out to open and close the gate.
  2. Bitumen the driveway to improve wheelchair access and eliminate the safety problems with tree roots and water damage to our current driveways and parking area.  
  3. A poo vacum to clean the yards and paddocks, improve worm control and also increase our income from recycling
  4. New signs to make us easier to find
  5. A 4 wheel bike so we can rake the arena more easily.
  6. A sitting area and covered seating for people watching lessons
  7. Fencing and earthworks for an outdoor riding area so we can cater to more people
  8. Repairs to the old shed so we can use it to accommodate a new office, lunchroom and tack room
  9. A Bob cat so we can do our own repairs and maintenance to the trail and arenas.

How to Make a Donation

ERDA  is a registered charity and as such, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Some options for donations include:

1. Credit card donations can be made via our secure online facilities of Please click on the 'Make a Donation' button on the 'Home' page of our site. These donations can be set up as either regular monthly gifts or a one-off donations.

2. Cash donations can be made directly to ERDA during our working hours of 9am–5pm, Monday to Friday. Cheques made out to Eurobodalla Riding for the Disabled can be posted to us at: 64 Western Boundary Rd, Turlinjah, 2537

3. You can donate to our GoFundMe page at

4. Electronic Funds Transfers can be made directly into our bank account. Details are:


Account Name: Euorbodalla Riding for the Disabled 


Account Number: 200096472

Please contact us if you transfer funds electronically so we can send you a receipt.

Make a Bequest

A bequest is a gift nominated in a Will to a person or an organisation.

Bequests to ERDA may consist of a nominated dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, proceeds from a life insurance policy

shares or bonds, property or real estate

You may choose to leave your gift for general use or you may prefer to discuss your gift intention with us to identify a specific project. It’s up to you, but you can be assured that your wishes will be honoured.

We regard your gift as a very personal and private decision and we suggest that you consult with a legal advisor and that in order to ensure you achieve your desired outcome you first speak with ERDA in regard to the appropriate use of your gift.

So if you are thinking of making or updating your Will, please remember ERDA.

In the first instance:

Telephone0435765591 or email [email protected]

Volunteer - everyone can help

RDA Eurobodalla could not run without our awesome volunteers.  There is a way that everyone can help.  Of course we need help with preparing horses for lessons and assisting riders during lessons but there is so much more that goes on behind the scenes to keep the show on the road!  If you have skills in human resources, art and construction, accounting and management, landscaping or gardening we would love to hear from you.  Our volunteers assist by helping out at market stalls and bbqs, open days, maintaining our grounds in a safe and usable way, sourcing raffle prizes and selling tickets,  making toy ponies to sell, coordinating other volunteers and helping to maintain our records.  Go to our Committee page to see some of the achievements our volunteers have managed in 2018.

Buy an ERDA toy pony

Our lovely hand made ERDA ponies are all individual and come with their own name.  They make a great gift or keepsake and are a reminder of the ponies at ERDA.  Contact ERDA to buy a handmade pony.